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14 August, 2015


40 +qtribiales

One of the Canary Islands’ most popular parties for women (lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and hetero-friendly) is the annual MásQueTriBiaLes event. Year after year, the girls from the islands, along with their friends and a lot of visitors, enjoy spectacular shows under this name at a range of terrace bars and discos. This time round, at 11 pm on Saturday 15 of this hot August, the place to be is +qTriBiaLes Dance Session Club Girls & Friends, and it’s not a party for just any type of woman. Read on and you’ll find out why.


For a start, it’s held at one of the Yumbo’s coolest terrace bars, in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), on one of the corners of the central square. The name of the venue is Kiss FM Lounge Bar, and it’s bound to ring a bell because it’s where many other events on the island’s LGTB agenda have been held. By the way – you can bring your male friends along, but they must be accompanied by girls. In any case, you can be sure the girls will be the stars of the dance floor.


And the girls will also be the stars of the stage! The session is well known for its carefully selected line up of artists brought together by the organisers. Naturally one of them will be well known DJ of the Canarian nights, DJ Nitu. From her booth you can expect a choice selection of commercial house music that’ll get you moving rather than raving. Two other highlights will be responsible for that: a duo of live shows that’ll keep you on the dance floor. Percussion artist Laura Rivero will get you going with the hypnotic, tribal sound of her drums, in time with the house music from the DJ booth. The heavenly voice of Shamaya, with her electronic rhythms and touch of Latino, will round off the best girls’ night of the summer.


And how much will all this cost? Only the price of your drinks. As you go in, you pay for just one drink (about 6 euros), and at the bar you’ll find beer and soft drinks for 3 euros. No need to think twice!

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