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17 December, 2014


Do you know what the “BAY-BAY” route is? I’ll explain: Beach – Apartment – Yumbo – Beach – Apartment – Yumbo. And it’s awesome! Nearly all my friends come to Maspalomas to disconnect from their work, from their family… and even sometimes from their partners. In any month of the year you can spend your holiday lying in the sun on the gay beach in the mornings, having shots of Canary rum surrounded by chulazos at the pool and  raving it up at night in the Yumbo clubs. You’ll go back renewed, and like almost everyone, you’ll definitely repeat. But perhaps one day you won’t need so much relaxation and you’ll go for a different experience. After all, you’re in the biggest tourist complex in Europe. Beyond the beach and the gay scene, there’s so much to discover! Today we’re starting a series of articles with several plans to get your adrenaline going within Maspalomas itself. Some of the ideas can be enjoyed alone, others are better in company. We’ll start with the gentlest and work up to the wildest.

Game of escape at Parapark. A five-minute walk from Yumbo. Adrenaline: 25%.

Until today, deciding between XTG or ES swimwear in the Yumbo shops was your major concern on Gran Canaria. Today we suggest excitement on a rather larger scale. Have you seen those films about a group of idiots who turn up somewhere and can’t remember a thing, and have to look for clues to get out alive? Well, it’s the same thing here: we lock you up in a room with your sisters, and you can scream all you like but you won’t get out until you solve all the clues – puzzles, riddles, enigmas, locks, hieroglyphics and hidden objects. Each clue leads you to another one and if you don’t manage to open the door in an hour, you’re killed. Well, you’re not really killed, but you might want to crawl under a rock for being a dumb blonde. We’ve tried it and we liked it a lot. Price: €60 for the whole team (maximum of 5 victims).

Adrenalina en MaspalomasIntroduction to surfing with Pro Surfing. Adrenaline: 57%.

You’re always gazing at the surfers just like Carrie Bradshaw gazes at a brand new pair of Manolos. Well, I’m asking you, why don’t you have a go? Even kids go mental about it! Gran Canaria is one of the most important destinations in the world for water sports, and at this school in Maspalomas they teach you from scratch everything containing the word ‘surf’. That means: surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, paddle surfing, mary-surfing (I’ve just invented that one). From what we’ve heard, everyone has a great time, the atmosphere is fantastic and one-day courses run from €45. They also offer diving and jet skiing. And of course the climate guarantees they’ open all year round!

More adrenaline in the next article!

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