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25 April, 2014


Alojamientos exclusivos Gays

The first time you visit the Canary Islands seeking our sun, beaches and gay scene, you will surely look for a room in Maspalomas or Playa del Inglés. Your first surprise starts here: the accommodation on offer is so varied that you will get dizzy after so many brochures and websites. Which one should you choose? Wait! We’re coming to your rescue!

Maspalomas Costa Canaria is Europe’s biggest resort. Offers range from inexpensive apartments to impressive luxury hotels. After the price, the second usual reason to decide on a hotel or apartment is the location. Or, more precisely, its distance to the gay nightlife (Yumbo shopping centre), Maspalomas Dunes or the gay beach. That’s why the most sought-after area is Tirajana Avenue and its surroundings, followed by Campo Internacional (around Maspalomas golf course). If you prefer a really laid-back holiday for you and your partner, hotels and aparthotels in these zones are a good choice. This is especially true if they are exclusive for adults such as Riu Don Miguel or Mur Neptuno. But let’s be honest: if your idea of relaxing is to paint the town, night after night, an apartment or bungalow will suit you better. They are remarkably cheap when shared with two or three friends, as you usually pay per night and not per person. That is, a fixed cost per night is divided among all of you. And finally, when you are partying all night, you will also appreciate a completely timetable-free vacation, with no receptionist frowning upon a guest visiting your place at 4 AM…

Even then, you will find an incredible variety of gay-friendly apartments to choose from in Maspalomas Costa Canaria. Almost twenty of them have gone further and they define themselves as “gay-exclusive”. Generally they are only for men, except a couple of complexes also accepting lesbians. Almost all of them are located in the mentioned areas, and offer a good service and a clothing-optional pool. Usually they are also a bit more expensive. If you haven’t enjoyed this experience, you could give it a try when you visit Maspalomas Costa Canaria, as they are rare in the continent. More reasons? Above all, the sensation of being yourself at any moment, alone or with your friends. You may also enjoy the lively atmosphere by the pool, with soft music all day, and parties on some weekends. These happen especially during Pride (May) and German Carnival (mid November). But don’t forget the most obvious advantage: gay-exclusive apartments let you socialize with other men (guests and visitors) at any moment of the day or night, without leaving the place.

If you want to try gay-exclusive accommodation, the quickest way is a specialized travel agency such as Pay attention to details such as jacuzzi, sauna, gym, wi-fi, the furniture condition and the air conditioning (not very important, except in August). Still in doubt? Just browse the accommodation reviews at But don’t worry too much: almost every choice is a good one. If you are looking for sun and fun all year round, there’s no better destination for us in Europe! 😉

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