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1 July, 2014


Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo

“That’s it, I can’t go on any more, good-bye!” These were the last words my dear ex-boyfriend sent to me on WhatsApp. I was a total wreck, distraught, and I kept repeating to myself: “It’s happened again, you queer!” When this happens, I just want to be surrounded by nothing but nature, feel the sun on my skin and the wind ruffling my hair (even though, let’s admit it, my stomach felt all churned up!) and then, of course, a few dips in the sea to cool off. That’s what washes away all that bad energy and brings back the life that’s been sucked out of you – I can assure you!

Just to put you in the picture, I live on Fuerteventura, known as the beach of the Canary Islands, the wildest island of the archipelago and the one I’d love you to choose for your next holiday.

As I was telling you, without giving it a second thought, I grabbed my sarong, my backpack with everything I needed, took the hood off the car, turned on Fangoria’s song “Dramas y Comedias” and shot down to the beaches at Corralejo, the gayest part of the northern area of the island. Couldn’t have chosen a better option!

The morning sunlight in this part of the island is incredible, almost as if you’re on another planet. Just a glance at the neighbouring Isla de Lobos island, with Lanzarotein the background, put a smile on my face because I felt so lucky to be able to contemplate this fantastic, incomparable landscape.

Of course I went straight to kilometre marker 22, off FV-1 road… Where? You don’t know what kilometre 22 is? You’re not with it, bitches! It’s one of the cruising points on Fuerteventura. This gay area is a continuation of Playa del Burro beach, en route to Corralejo.

Just imagine: fantastic wild beaches of fine golden sand, turquoise water and men of all colours from all over the world. Now, get your act together and stop being a total moron – off with the old, on with the new!

And it was precisely there that I met a couple of really friendly Italian guys de vacanza. They were both in love with the island and were thinking of coming to live on Fuerteventura. Hahaha, it happens to nearly everybody.

With each dip in these amazing, turquoise waters of the Corralejo Nature Park, I felt as if I’d found new energy and the need for… a little sex, maybe? One of the times I went in the sea, just a few metres from me, was a really handsome German who, as I could tell by his body, had come to surf. Wow, look at those eyes!

I couldn’t stop looking at him and, as I’m quite daring and I’ve been around, I took the bull by the horns and started up a conversation (what’s your name, what’s the surfing school over there like, was it the best, shall I snorkel, shall I hold your tube, blah, blah, blah), so, bit by bit, amidst the waves and the laughter, we got closer and closer until we finally sealed the meeting with the most spectacular kiss. What a hot mouth he had!

We spent all afternoon together, watching the sun cross the sky and twilight falling over this idyllic spot. All the time I could see my reflection in those turquoise eyes that were just like the sea we’d swum in.

As I went back to the car, thinking about the perfect day I’d had, I realized I hadn’t got  the Italians’ phone number (I cursed myself), but my anger soon disappeared when I remembered Mike the German’s face and kisses and, just then, a new WhatsApp sounded on my iPhone. It was from Mike, saying; “Thanks, gorgeous. I want to see you again”.

Without batting an eyelid, I arranged to meet him. The nights in Corralejo have a very special charm. It’s still a hospitable fishing village but with an international atmosphere and charming people. It’s very romantic to enjoy an evening listening to the waves breaking over the promenade. As I’m a novelty freak, I didn’t miss the chance to show him the latest ‘in’ place to hang out in a great atmosphere: Le Freak Klub, where good music, exquisite décor and friendly waiters all make up a delicious cocktail, and, to top it all, you can enjoy some fantastic mojitos on the terrace.

I couldn’t have found a better place for my date with Mike. So, about 11pm, done up to the nines, my bronzed skin enhancing my charms, I was waiting for Mike at Le Freak  Klub. Suddenly there he was, my super handsome German, with those eyes that had made me fall in love with him and that sculpted body reddened by the sun after an intense day on the beach…. Wow! He was hot!

I assure you I’ll never forget those awesome days we spent together on the island and I’m sure he’ll never forget me or Fuerteventura either, FOREVER!

Km 22 - Dunas de Corralejo

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