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24 April, 2014



Sauna Km22, Fuerteventura

Considering a trip to Fuerteventura? Maybe you don’t know it’s considered “The Beach” of the Canary Islands. Let us introduce Corralejo, on the Northern Coast, the most popular resort among the gay crowd on the island.

We all love wild beaches with white sands and turquoise, crystal clear waters. But Corralejo beaches are also neverending. Really. It’s easy to miss the gay hotspot by one or two kilometers, so please take down its precise location: around marker 22 off the FV-1 road. You will arrive after crossing the Dunes of Corralejo, an otherworldly tour that will take you to a protected and unique natural space. By the way, don’t worry too much about what to wear. Nudism has been a natural choice and common practice here since… forever?

The first gay sauna in the island is being called “KM22”, after the gay beach. It opened just a month ago but has already become the premier leisure place to contact other men, both at day and night. Have you made some intense eye contact at the beach? This much-needed club will let you further socialize with him (or them!) later in the evening. But there’s much more…

What to expect from KM22? Let’s start with the numbers. It is a 600 sq mt space featuring tasteful decoration and furniture, air conditioning, and 11 rest rooms with plasma TVs and ample, comfy beds. There’s also a dark room to get yourself lost, and circular rooms for the voyeur inside you. You can also take a peek at some aquatic foreplay in the jacuzzi, thanks to a a large special glass… maybe you can share an experience in the turkish bath later on! This hammam will be opened shortly. The rest is for you to imagine. We hope you’ll let us know!

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can put your mind at rest. KM22 has direct access from the street, avoiding common areas such as the bar and the terrace. Finally, we are sure the nice manners of the handsome staff will entice you to stay and come back. So don’t forget! KM22 is a compulsory stop for the gay traveller visiting Fuerteventura!

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/ 14 June 2014, 22:30h

very hot majoreros y german man very well equipped 😉

Not many people (the italian guy at bar, very nice and smart said to me that the place is a start up), but enough for enjoing the night. Well done in fuerteventura!!

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